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About Our School

Our staff

Leadership team

Mr Chris Kirkham-Knowles Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Kirkham-Knowles Deputy Headteacher

Mr Paul Davidson Assistant Headteacher


Inclusion Manager Mrs Helen Wardman

Inclusion Officer Mrs Allison Heaton

Office Manager/Finance Officer Mrs Beverley McCue

Administrators Mrs Donna Moss and Mrs Clair Ferguson


  • Miss Claire Jackson
  • Mrs Katy Hopper
  • Mrs Wendy Wadley
  • Miss Madeleine Blakeley
  • Mrs Rebecca McGuinness
  • Mrs Lucy Trousdale
  • Mrs Nicola Winspear
  • Mrs Sophie Smith
  • Miss Ellie Cousins
  • Mrs Donna Buttery
  • Mrs Helen Rowe
  • Mrs Caroline Allenby
  • Mrs Rebecca Garbutt
  • Mrs Rachel Clayton
  • Mrs Sue Griffin
  • Mrs Zoe York

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Nicola Murphy
  • Mrs Allison Heaton
  • Mrs Marianne Perry
  • Mrs Julie Castleton
  • Miss Autumn Wheatley
  • Ms Lydia Smith
  • Mrs Anne Thraves
  • Mrs Aleisha Bell

Mid-day Supervisory Assistants

  • Mrs Claire Payne (Senior Supervisor)
  • Mrs Kate Ellerby
  • Miss Autumn Wheatley
  • Ms. Lydia Smith
  • Mrs Donna Moss
  • Mrs Karen Jewison
  • Mrs Vanessa Gallagher
  • Miss Esme Van der Werve
  • Miss Sarah Glass
  • Miss Aimee Trotter
  • Mrs Sue Parnell

Caretaking & Cleaning Staff

  • Mr Michael Dugdale (Site Supervisor)
  • Miss Amy Candlish (Cleaning Supervisor)
  • Mrs Kerry Carter
  • Mrs Angela Cooper
  • Miss Marion Webster
  • Mr John Hooper

Kitchen Staff

  • Mrs Sue Trotter (Cook-in-charge)
  • Mrs Kerry Carter
  • Miss Marion Webster
  • Mrs Lisa Brand
  • Miss Amy Candlish
  • Mrs Sue White

Scalby Learning Trust Schools

About Scalby Learning Trust

The Scalby Learning Trust in Scarborough aims to improve education in the locality through establishing coherent and collaborative practice across schools and other educational institutions in the area.

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